About PurEarth
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, PurEarth is one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly quality products serving the commercial and retail industries as well as the municipal and government institutions around the world with sales expected to exceed USD $500 millions in 2011.

PurEarth is committed to the highest level of social and environment responsibilities by delivering eco-friendly quality products with competitive pricing through centralized ethical management structure, long term partnership relation, and well established marketing channels via strategically located warehouses. Attention to environment, going the extra mile, and simply being available enhances the level of service each customer receives, and ultimately benefits their patrons. Our responsibility is not taken lightly and our customers' success is vital to our success.

Eco-friendly product line diversification has been a key factor in company’s growth. Uncompromising product development and marketing research have produced additional top quality eco-friendly and bio-degradable product lines, which PurEarth has successfully sold, both within its core business sector, the food grade packaging, as well as into additional niche markets such as paper and board industries.

This continuous commitment to building a stronger, safer, and environmental friendly place for our next generation and generations after makes PurEarth one of the leaders in the industry.




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