Bio-Degradable Plastic Products

A compostable bag is made from a bioplastic based on starch and vegetable oils. The make-up means that the bags will naturally start to decompose after a certain amount of time.  They are great for the environment and eliminate the world of harmful plastic landfill.

Bio-Degradable Polymer Bags
Product is made from biopolymers consisting mainly of potato or corn starch
100% Compostable in Compost Facility Where Available
Strong durable construction
Can be used as general carrier bags, mailing bags, waste bags
Custom printing available
Wide Variety of Sizes to meet packaging needs

Bio-Degradable Gloves
Product is made from Natural Latex
Harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis Tree and is a renewable resource
Stay dry, safe, clean and odor free
Stay hygienic and sanitary
Not for Medical Use
Available in different Sizes


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